Tastes Like: Unmistakable creamy chocolate, mild acidity.

Roast: Medium

Guatemala's a coffee dream world, with eight distinct growing regions that each boast their own unique coffee flavors. This bean has the classic central Guatemala flavor of rich and smooth chocolate notes.

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Authenticity And Excellence

We pursue the most authentic, transparent, and highest-quality form of everything we sell.

In all honesty, we’re a bunch of sticklers for exceptional coffee and we’re pretty passionate about it. But we don’t think you’ll mind :)

10 Years in Pursuit of Perfection

The coffee comes from a complex, beautiful little fruit, and we've been roasting for years to try and capture every morsel of its flavorful goodness.

Coffee is a valuable ingredient - it deserves respect. Just like one would respect a mother bear protecting her young or a killer bees' nest

We don't mess around.

We Like Nice Things... We Think You Do Too

Our belief is that coffee is a craft. 

To get our hands on the best single origin coffees and blends we can find, we work with multiple importers - constantly trying new high-quality coffees.

Whether you're ready for tangy and bold, or sweet and fruity, we have a little something for everyone on our shelves.

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We roast multiple times a week, so the coffee you order will still be a fresh tasty delight to your senses - guaranteed ♥️

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REMINDER - Giving Back with Our Covid Relief Blend

$5 from every bag will be donated to relief efforts for healthcare workers and first responders. We are committed to extending our community and resources to the heroes of this crisis.

The funds generated will be donated to the 'Get Us PPE' organization which is raising money and awareness to get Personal Protective Equipment to healthcare workers around the country. We hope you join us in our efforts!