About Us

About Common Grounds

When you walk through our doors, your presence is valued, your space is cared for, and your needs for coffee are met with a mug and a barista who wants to know your name.

Since we opened in 2014, our vision has remained a simple one: To be a place where specialty coffee and our surrounding community meet.

It’s our hope to be a platform for the passions and expressions of our community (you!) - to create something meaningful and inspire deeper connections with our neighbors with every cup of coffee.

When we opened Common Grounds in 2014

I dreamed it would be a place people could feel safe to be themselves and make specialty coffee accessible to everyone. The Common Grounds community has continued to evolve and is now more than just a shop for gathering—it's a destination for great coffee, a thriving wholesale program, and a large community that gets grow together all over Palm Beach County!

Justin Olive,
Co-Owner || Operator