When you walk through our doors, your presence is valued, your space is sacred, and your needs for specialty coffee are met with a mug and a barista who wants to know your name.

Since we opened in 2014, the vision at Common Grounds has remained a simple one: To be a place where people are inspired to build a stronger community every time they visit.

It’s our hope to be a platform for the passions and expressions of our community (you!) - to create something meaningful and inspire deeper connections with our neighbors with every cup of coffee.

If you need coffee that’s been meticulously roasted and brewed, there’s a place for you here. If you just want to hang out and enjoy the friendly vibes, there’s a place for you too. 


When we opened Common Grounds in 2014,

I dreamed it would be a place people could focus on what brings us all together. The “common ground”, if you will. 


But the Common Grounds community has evolved into something even richer. It’s more than a space for gathering—it’s a space where everyone creates together.


We honor our shared humanity, then take the next step and make art from it. It’s our way of actively fighting against the things that divide us. And we’d love for you to join us.


Justin Olive

Co-Owner || Operator 


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